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An episcopal city (since the 4th century), but also a ducal one, the  family de Crussol d`Uzes has been living for 900 years in the castle, and Antoine de Crussol received in 1632 the duties of both Duke and first Pair de France. The city is also a protestant stronghold, home to the Reform and `huguenot` resistance.
It is an exeptionnally beautiful town. Its old city centre, thanks to its architectural quality was one of the first to be classified by Andre Malraux as a secteur sauvegarde, that is protected historical site.

Uzes is a child dream becoming true when fourty,,,( Jean-Jacques brousson, secretary to Anatole France who lived int the Hotel d`Amoreux, rue de la Monnaie).

Uzes is a preserved city, peaceful, without any haste, where reigns an almost timeless atmosphere, thanks to the distance maintained between its site and the fevers of present time (Piere Pelissero, Cathedral organist).

The sky is always clear, as long as you can see,
And our nights are more beautiful than your days...( Jean Racine).

Uzs, a cultural and historical city

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      ext to the Luberon, Camargue. Alpilles and Cevennes, Uzes is an ideal place to stay : its situation, the beauty of its historical architecture, and natural environment, its intense cultural life in a land of festivals, its exeptional light, its sunny days and temperate climate, will guarrantee you a quality stay.
On the top of a rocky hill, its medieval towers (Tour Fenestrelle,Tour de l`eveque,Tour du Roi et Tout ducale) overlook the green valley of Alzon,from where sources  the river Eure, already revered in Antiquity : indeed it used to provide in water the city of Nimes, through the Aqueduc of Le Pont du Gard (the bridge across the river Gard).

Uzes, a land of festivals
A survey in hotair ballon of the countryside around Uzes
The Camargue
from the Mas Dulac, excursions to the Cevennes, the Camargue and Provence
Uzs and Uzge, land of culture
Uzes, a city of Art and History
Uzs, Valley of the Eure, the scrub, Gorges of the Gardon, Pont du Gard

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