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The Mas du Lac, a state of mind and pleasure of welcominghome page

The Mas du Lac is happy to welcome families,

young and generous backpackers (often as free guests), artists ofthe movies and theatre, music,ceramics and painting...traditional couples, or gay ones (wether they advertise about it or simply live it. Intimacy belonging only to everyone of us), epicurians, ermits (they are pretty rare !.
You can walk to the Mas, with your
back bag, on horse, or in a truck;
driving an old 2 CV Citroen,
or Porsche or Jaguar, or
even a private jet (Belvezet
airport is only 10km far).
Everyone can find his own
place... His or her way
of approching a time
of happiness...

      he Mas du lac, a certain state of mind, finding its meaning along a walk of life. For Martine, to welcome others, is a real choice....That of the joy of meeting, sharing, and trusting....To welcome others without knowing anything about them exept that, whatever their age, nationality, social status or  walk of life...Mixing different people to give a chance to a certain harmony in relationships.

The Mas du Lac, a frame of mind and the pleasure to welcome
Harmony, respect for nature, resourcement and poetry

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Life in the Mas, inhabitants and friends

For the night
wellbeing, a very
comfortable bedlinen,
linen or coton satin
sheet from Maison
Ventilo, light blankets from Mohair du Moulin in la Drome, natural and sophisticated products from the handmade soap factory Martin de Candres in le Val de Loire, egyptian lamps are from les Affaires Etrangeres store in Uzes...
We use biological washing products for linene as well as the general cleaning of the house.
For your meals, you will usually find the traditional in Provence, varnished earthenware crockery from the Cliousclat Pottery, in la Drome as well...
Food, as it is also our life choice, is essentially from biological origin, seasonal ones,if possible from local agriculture (for fruits, vegies, cheese, bread ). Olive oil is from our olive trees, and wine from our vineyard, is made by the Caveau de l`Aqueduc (from the Pont du Gard).

Also there is a vegetable orchard full of promises......

Corinne and Fabrice assist MartineLorsque Martine s’absente, Corinne qui habite au Mas avec son mari Fabrice et leurs deux filles Marie et Clémentine, vous accueillera....

sharing meals with friendsto have meals with friends, as sharing happens around them, in a privileged way....

welcome to young peopleIt is always a joy to welcome families, young people, generous and `on the road`...

arriving by foot, bycicle, motorbike, car...... You can arrive at Le Mas by foot, bycicle,truck,motorbike,2CV, Porshe or Jaguar...

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Le Mas du Lac

hand made in workshop Dédaele multimédia

Martine de Fontanes - Mas du Lac  Chemin Mas de Rey 30700 UZES - - Tel. 33 6 11 33 38 43